About client & task

Location: Miami, FL

Description: State of the art Major League Baseball and entertainment facility utilizing Ortronics Clarity 10G components. A high density Ortronics LC MTP/MPO cassette system with 50um and singlemode hybrid armored fiber optic cabling allows 10G backbone transmission.

Achieving full channel performance at 10 Gb/s over UTP is no simple matter. It calls for the right cable paired with the right connectors and patch cords, or else the resultant system may be full of caveats and apologies instead of the blazing performance 10GBASE-T is clearly intended to deliver.

With Ortronics 10 Gb/s solution, we’ve simply got performance right. We meet IEEE and TIA standards, including specifications for alien crosstalk, with room to spare. As a result, Ortronics delivers real-world performance from end-to-end without compromises.



Designer: Parsons Corporation
Certified Installer: Miller Electric
Warranty: 25 Year Dynamic Applications Assurance
Completion date: 1-Sept-2011
Florida Marlins Stadium