CTi – Technology Marketing & Salescircuit-board

At CTi we specialize in communicating & supporting emerging technologies to:

  • Consultants, Engineers, Architects & Designers
  • End Network Users
  • Integrators & IT Contractors
  • Distribution Partners

CTi Business Model in Motion

  1. tech-puzzle

    CTi represents IT manufacturers that, when combined in a collective solution, offer network end users a “1 stop shop” for industry leading physical network performance. CTi communicates these emerging technologies to the IT marketplace.

  2. Bulk finished system components are manufactured and software solutions are developed.
  3. The product(s) is then sold to our warehousing and logistics experts – DISTRIBUTION.
  4. The product(s) is then purchased from distribution by contractors, integrators, and/or network end users.
  5. High bandwidth, converged technology networks are then constructed and integrated in the field.
  6. Scalable end user networks are then tested, protected, secured and managed.